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Postdoctoral Fellow: Root-zone Hydrological Processes in Agricultural Systems

03.05.2017 - The Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University (Sweden)

The Department of Physical Geography at Stockholm University seeks to employ a postdoctoral researcher to investigate the mixing and age distribution of water across the root zone in a tropical agricultural setting. Specifically, this project targets quantification of water partitioning from the plot-to-landscape scale over various treatments of irrigation, soil amendments (e.g. biochar) and cropping systems for field sites in Costa Rica and Brazil.

The research will involve using hydrological tracers (stable water isotopes) and hydrometric observations to characterize water storages along the continuum from the bottom of the root zone through plants. The core of this research will focus on modeling the soil-plant-atmosphere water dynamics that define how storages mix/connect to determine the partitioning of root zone water either up through evapotranspiration or down through recharge.

The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible to help design and coordinate stable water isotopic sampling across the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum for field sites in Costa Rica and Brazil. He/she will develop and implement storage mixing models to assess age distributions and water partitioning at plot-to-landscape scales leveraging available tracer and hydrometric data. Coupled to such modeling, the postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for quantifying water (and carbon) dynamics across the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum as a function of the various treatments (i.e. irrigation, biochar amendments, cropping system) from an optimality perspective and help feed these into landscape-scale assessments.

Closing date: 19 May 2017

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