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PhD in Fluvial Geomorphology

28.09.2017 - Fluvial Dynamics Research Group, University of Lleida, Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (Research, Development and Innovation Secretary) is funding a 4 year PhD Contract. Research activity will be linked to the research project MorphPeak and it will be developed within the Fluvial Dynamics Research Group at the University of Lleida (

The main objective of MorphPeak is to analyse the effects of hydropeaking on rivers morphosedimentary dynamics, as well as on the availability of physical habitat, and assessing the impacts on the biological communities of impacted river systems. The project is based on a series of hypotheses and a holistic methodological frame comprehensibly designed to analyse these interactions at multiple spatial and temporal scales. For the specific purposes of this project, two river reaches located at the Southern Pyrenees will be monitored to study sediment transport, and changes to bed morphology and sedimentology associated to hydropeaking. One of the reach will be located in the Upper Cinca while the second one in the Upper Ésera, both located in the Central Pyrenees. Preliminary results show as the competence and capacity of hydropeaking in these reaches are substantially different, what will control the morphosedimentary dynamics associated to these practises. The project will also benefit of the existent data set obtained in MorphSed ( and other data acquired in the background of previous research activities lead by the Fluvial Dynamics Research Group.

Potential candidates: Candidates have to be interested in fluvial geomorphology, especially in morphodynamics, and hydraulic and morphological modelling in gravel-bed rivers.

Starting date for applications: 3rd October 2017

Closing date for applications: 18th October 2017

Further details and how to apply:

Informal enquiries about the project: Damià Vericat ( and Ramon J. Batalla (