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SEG Distinguished Instructor Short Course by Doug Oldenburg on Geophysical Electromagnetics (Bonn, Sept. 18-19)

Within the frame of this years SEG's Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC), Dr. Douglas Oldenburg (University of British Columbia, Canada) is sharing his insights on Fundamentals and Applications of Geophysical Electromagnetics in ~30 locations worldwide and we are very pleased to cordially invite you to the DISC course in Bonn on September 18. The course is intended for practitioners, graduate students, and researchers who are using or want to use electromagnetic methods (including DC resistivity, GPR and IP) for exploration, geotechnical, and environmental applications.

The short course is followed by DISC Lab on September 19, a workshop designed for a smaller group of geoscientists contributing with short informal talks on problems of local interest. Tutorials on simulations and inversions (using the open-source framework SimPEG are also available upon request.

You can register for the DISC Course and DISC Lab via this link: Further information can be found on the DISC website ( and the flyers below.

For organizational matters such as hotels and parking, please contact Lisa Takacs (