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IAG Workshop: Satellite Geodesy for Climate Studies

University of Bonn, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation, Nussallee 15 and 17, D-53115 Bonn, Germany

The growing record of space-gravimetric and -geodetic data (GRACE, GNSS, radar altimetry, InSAR, VLBI, …) provides a new view on Essential Climate Variables such as terrestrial water storage and continental ice-mass changes, steric and barystatic sea level variability, sea ice coverage, tropospheric water vapor variations, and others. These observational data sets have the strong advantage to be homogeneous around the globe, and independent from any other data commonly used to validate climate models.

Geodetic time series start to reveal a complex picture of low-frequency natural climate variability, long-term climate change and other anthropogenic modifications in geodetic data. It is still difficult to evaluate decadal variability from geodetic data alone, but in combination with other observations or reanalyses they provide excellent tools for climate model evaluations.

The workshop ist supported by Geoverbund ABC/J.